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New energy car subsidized policy slowly stepping to charging piles
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"Replenishing the car" turned "pile\\ According to the previous four ministries issued a "Notice on Further Improvement of New Energy Motors" (referred to as "Notice"), new energy vehicles will be submitted to charging, hydrogentric infrastructure construction and support services, etc. Aspects are tilted. At this time, the changes in policies and rules from all localities are quietly changing the development direction of the charging trapping industry, and this is deeply influenced by the layout of the charging carrier.  
 After the "Notice" issued, the multi-provinces and cities have introduced a subsidy policy for charging facilities. According to the China Electric Motor Hundreds and Natural Resources Protection Association, "How to Health Development Research Report" (referred to as "Research Report"), most provinces and cities can be divided into four categories: The first category is subsidized in accordance with the total proportion of equipment or investment, such as Beijing, Chengdu, Wenzhou, Tangshan, Guiyang, Xiamen, etc .; second type is to carry out quota subsidies, such as Shanxi Jincheng stipulates exchange charging pile subsidy of 0.3 million yuan, fast charge station Subsidy 600,000 yuan, the bus stop power station subsidy 1 million yuan; the third category is subsidized according to the power of charging pile, such as Shenzhen, Jiangsu, Anhui, etc .; the fourth category is based on the construction subsidy, it also superimposes operation subsidies, such as Shanghai subsidies are the highest in investment in the facilities, the maximum subsidy is 5 million yuan.  
 From "Replenishing Car" to "Pilot\\ Shanghai took the lead in clear charging operation subsidies. In May 2016, the Shanghai Development and Reform Commission and other seven departments were issued and issued "Shanghai Encourage Electric Automotive Charges Development Support Measures\\ The subsidy standards for other public bootstrap electrical facilities are 0.1, 0.2 yuan / kWh, respectively, and the subsidy upper limit is 2000, 1000 kWh / kW · year.  
 In October 2018, Beijing issued the "Implementation Rule of Implementation 2018 ~ 2019 Beijing Electric Automotive Social Complete Charge Facilities Operations\\  

 "Currently, some places have construction subsidies, and there are also operation subsidies. Some will only be subsidized. It is indeed a phenomenon from the construction subsidy to operate subsidies. In the future, the construction subsidies may be transferred to operation subsidies, or slowly cancel the construction subsidies. "Electric Vehicle Promotion Alliance Director Tongzong flag is in the interview with the" China Automobile News "reporter.  
 According to China Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Promotion of the latest data, as of June 2019, my country's charging pile has exceeded 1 million, including more than 41 million public charging piles, private charging piles have exceeded 590,000 The pile ratio reached 3.5: 1. After the subsidy policy is tilted to the charging pile, the quantity of the charging pile rises all the way, but the utilization is only 4%. Mr. Zhao, Beijing Electric Automotive owner, found a public charging pile according to E charging app, and finally found that the piles have not been used, even the charging pile of the entire parking lot has not maintained.  
 It is understood that with the rapid development of the new energy automobile industry, the subsidy funding of the charging facility dial dial dial from the country has grown year by year. In the perspective of the industry, the subsidy changes to the direction of operations. This provision is equivalent to increasing the assessment of the operation of charging facilities, and the pile enterprise must truly serve consumers to take subsidies, rather than being built.  
 The "Research Report" also shows that in the context of the overall development speed of charging infrastructure in my country and the large background of the new energy automotive industry, the gap problem of public category is more prominent; the average utilization rate of charging pile is low, 2018 National The average hourly utilization of public charging facilities is less than 10%. New policy not only stimulates enterprises to improve operational service capabilities, reduce oil occupation, no power, faulty pile, etc., and indirectly excite charging pile construction to optimize layout, reduce or eliminate the emergence of "zombie pile". However, the use of charging piles does not simply use utilization to assess, to be seated, and within the field.  
 Special piles serve, taxis, taxis, their utilization is relatively high; private piles are not contributed, they may be used by private owners, their utilization is definitely low; now the utilization of charging piles Low, usually refers to a common charging pile. Public charging pile utilization has a low current reason: On the one hand, if the private pile is better, if the development is better, the owner is basically not charging in public piles, and it preferred to charge in the community, and the cell charging is lower. The charging cost is lower; the second aspect is that the presence of charging piles are occupied by fuel vehicles, damage, etc. The reporter learned that the current charging operator is conducting investigations, and the "zombie pile" is upgraded. Adjust the layout of the pile for the activity area of the new energy vehicle.  
 "This platform is mainly based on China Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Promotion Alliance, mainly showing information about all of the national charging piles." The first World New Energy Automobile Conference site, national electric automobile charging infrastructure monitoring platform debut, China Electric Motor charging The relevant person in charge of the infrastructure promotion of the alliance introduced: on this monitoring platform, the total number of public charging stations, total charging piles, national service person, new energy vehicle profiles, etc. At present, there are more than 20 cities in the country or will be accessed. Click a city on the map map, you can see the number of new energy vehicles, the number of charging piles, the number of charging, the amount of carbon dioxide, reduce fuel consumption, etc.  
 At present, there are many commercial operations in my country. Most operators have built their own operations platform. Some local governments have also built local charging facilities service platforms, mainly providing data statistical analysis functions, and completes subsidies for charging facilities through government platforms. . In the whole industry, the power-saving station has not yet achieved profitability due to small vehicles. The charging industry has developed for many years, and the operational enterprises are still universal.  
 However, even if the head business is large, some smaller charging pile operators are still actively seize the market.
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