Tuba core business
Charging pile solution provider, connecting people, cars, communities, let electric cars "green" in the world
About Puba
Provide advanced environmental, efficient and reliable, economical technology and products
Shenzhen Tuba Energy High-tech Co., Ltd. was established in November 2014. The company is committed to integrating product development, production, sales, installation, maintenance, and operates new energy high-tech companies, and has product testing laboratory and professional research. Department, and hire several technical experts as a technical consultant. Company R \\u0026 D, new energy electric vehicle charging pile, high-power electric vehicle charging machine serves highway service area, business center, residential community, municipal bus, logistics center, airport terminal and other places. In order to promote the development of new energy auto industry, the business department and office cover Hainan, Hubei, Sichuan, Shanghai, Shanxi, Shandong, etc...
Charging facility application
Establish and improve new energy electric vehicles
charging network and information management
  • Five major security
    1.Protect personal safety
    2.Guarantee vehicle charging system security
    3.Guarantee power supply system security
    4.Safeguard charging information security
    5.Safeguard customer interests
  • Six major charging pile safety monitoring
    1.Charging pile distribution monitoring
    ⒉.Charging equipment monitoring %
    3.Charging pile operation monitoring
    4.Charging pile charging billing monitoring
    5.Charging pile communication monitoring
    6.Charging pile security video surveillance
  • Four major charging payment mode
    1.IC card reader
    2.QR code operation
    3.Mobile phone appointment
    4.Plug and play
Tuka Energy Products
Provide advanced environmental, efficient and reliable, economical technology and products
News Center
Promote the development of new energy auto industry to make a contribution
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