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Why is the community charging pile?
Views:2776 Time: 2019-08-29
Now more and more people choose new energy vehicles. On the one hand, the country is vigorously developing, and there is a subsidy discount on the purchase price. Another aspect is to reduce environmental pollution, in line with the concept of green travel.  
 Ordinary cars will not refuel, it will be difficult, and new energy cars are not charging. In recent time, install charging piles have made a big problem, which has become an important factor in restricting the development of new energy vehicles.  
 During the Spring Festival 2019, there were people bought a new energy car. In his opinion, this new energy car is both energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and money saving, it is indeed a good helper for daily travel.  
 Although the new energy car is used up, it can be charged to be in life. Charging the public charging station, not only paying electricity bills, but also adds service charges, which increases spending, and some charging points will also be occupied by fuel vehicles. If you can install a charging pile on your parking space, these problems can be solved.  
 The procedure for installing the charging pile is not complicated. It is mainly to first apply for installing an electric meter to install a set of electrical meter. When the application is applied, the fixed parking level certificate or the license of the property rights unit shall be proved, and a community property The company issued the approved material using the shift electrical facility. The problem now has this paper certificate material for the property company.  
 Zibo Shang Wenyuan property staff: formal channels are to say this problem in the government's next batch. We have a good solution here, as long as there is a willingness, we are very good. It's not to say bad, the problem is no one, and our company can't bear this responsibility.  

 Property company describes this paper to be a thunder, what thunder? Who is the thunder? According to the reporter, the 2016 National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Notice on Accelerating the Construction of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure in Residential Automotive\\ Or the construction unit of its entrusted, timelyly provide relevant drawings, actively cooperate and assist on-site exploration and construction.  
 Subsequently, the General Office of the Shandong Provincial People's Government released the "Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Electric Automotive Infrastructure\\ For users with fixed parking spaces, they prefer to build charging facilities at parking spaces; for users who have fixed parking spaces, encourage the establishment of charging tram positions to build a mobile charging station in residential area, and actively charge the user charging creation conditions. .  
 There is a notice in the country, there is opinion in the province, but these official documents appear in the property company, not enough. The property company considers safety liability issues that are not allowed to install, which is not uncommon. They are more hope that the local authorities can land in the state and the province in the form of policies.  
 The reporter came to Zibo City Zhangdian District Housing Security Affairs Service Center, Li Xiangtong, Science Division, told reporters that many people have come to the property consultation related issues, and they don't dare to be the Lord for this kind of matter. Li Xiangtong said: he also read it, but the new energy car is still an emerging thing, making a binding provision, which is really exceeding their ability. He believes that the property does not agree to install charging piles is also true, from the perspective of property companies, they have no ability to issue the proof of electricity sector.  
 So can the electricity department cut off this link directly, directly install the electric meter directly, and install the charging pile? State grid staff said: The property consents installation, because the occupied pulling may be occupied, the electricity meter may be in line with the property, he will not agree.  
 The electricity department is based on its own management regulations "The Chamber of Charges" is required to apply for the property to issue related materials. The focus of both parties is the same problem, who is the security problem? This makes the problem have never resolved.  
 The reporter visited many communities in Zibo, found that the property company in Zibo's many communities will receive an application for installing the charging pile, but most of the time will not issue a certificate. The staff of many property companies have said that they are concerned that the responsibility is held after security issues, and the complaints of the residents in the community are also a difficult problem.  
 Zibo a community owner said: Because sometimes, he forgot to pull the electric power, the battery quality problem, there are many fire explosions, you are like a mobile phone for a long time, is it? You put the ground garage is not suitable.  
 Zibo, this new energy car brand 4S shop staff told reporters that there is still a lot in Zibo installed in Zibo. Because the charging pile is difficult, the sales of new energy vehicles here have always been not hot.  
 The same problem has occurred in other places in Shandong. Mr. Li, who lives in Lai Mountain, Yantai City, has also encountered problems that do not install the charging pile. Although he believes that it is imposed that charging pile will not have a safety hazard to others, this problem can also be truck in the property.  
 The staff of the Property Department of Yantai Le Laushan District Properties, said that Yantai did not introduce corresponding policies for the installation of charging piles. In their opinion, the practice of property companies is not very good.  
 As a secure authority - Can the fire department can make a security provision for installing charging piles? The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has been released in 2014. The "Automobile Base, Repair Garage, Parking Factory Design" from August 1, 2015: The underground, half-underground automotive garage should not be set up in repair parking spaces, spray paint, Charging room, ethne and A, B goods warehouse.  
 According to this specification, the fire department cannot issue corresponding proofs, especially if the so-called charge is not a clear statement, there is no clear statement.  
 The reporter interviewed fire experts said that in the future, new energy vehicles are definitely a big trend in the development of the country, but currently, this standard system, still has a certain lag. The state should introduce the corresponding standard or regulations as soon as possible, but it is indeed a blank point.  
 The nature of the fire department is not suitable as a formula for supporting policies. As a new energy policy, the National Development and Reform Commission will not take the lead?  
 The reporter contacted the Zibo Development and Reform Commission, and the staff replied by the mail. They also have a lot of efforts to the installation of charging piles, and they also face a lot of problems, mainly including charging infrastructure landing difficulties; electric vehicles Key technologies and market systems are not yet mature; the mature business model of charging services has not yet been formed; local supporting policies still need to strengthen these four difficulties.  
 For the future, they said that the provincial energy bureau requested communication, the provincial energy bureau will introduce the implementation Measures for the construction of electric vehicles charging piles in the province. After the implementation of the implementation, Zibo City will strictly promote the construction of electric vehicles charging infrastructure.  
 How is the work of the provincial energy bureau? We interviewed the staff of the Shandong Provincial Energy Administration: "We are continuing to do this, mainly to develop measures to promote the construction of charging piles, and the state is too broad to this charging pile, and there may be some hidden dangers in safety Therefore, the problem of responsibility will be considered in management. The construction of internal facilities in the community should also have something in terms of land construction. If we go out, you have to have a piece of departments. We must not be separate. So this process may be longer. "
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