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Automotive charging pile is safe to pay attention to
Views:2847 Time: 2019-08-25
The charging pile is similar to the gas station inside the gas station, which can be fixed to the ground or wall, mounted in public buildings (public buildings, shopping malls, public parking, etc.) and residential community parking or charging station, can be based on different voltage levels Charging the electric vehicle for various models. The input of the charging pile is directly connected to the AC grid, and the output is equipped with a charging plug to charge the electric vehicle.  
They operate this high voltage device to charge. "  

 Under the active support of national policies, domestic new energy vehicles sales have rapidly increase. The construction of all local charging networks has gradually become the number one issue. During this process, the charging pile is manufactured, sold, and deployed in a small market. However, the quality of the mixed charging piles became the resistance of new energy. The market departments should gradually improve the design, performance, and safety standards to adapt to the rapid expansion of safe charging requirements.  
 In June this year, Tesla launched a new V3 super charging pile, which can shorten the charging time of Model 3 to half, 5 minutes to "charge" to "about 121km battery life.  
 Such high-power charging piles must be facing huge safety stress, alleged, and the Model 3 of the 21700 battery can be used after Tesla, which can reach the peak power of 250 kW. The latest Model S and Model X are only available. Reach 200KW.  
 Tesla has been dispersed by BMS (Battery Management System) in each small battery: if there is a problem with some monomer batteries, it will not affect the overall battery pack performance. This approach is very smart and can withstand high power charging test.  
 The domestic electric vehicle brand is mostly lithium iron phosphate, a three-dimensional lithium battery, the monomer charging power is low, and the high power charging of the vehicle is not high. In general, at the price of 10 ~ 200,000, the owner will sacrifice the fast charging function, while the choice is higher than the electric model. And this also means that the driver such as drip and other places cannot obtain a fast charging opportunity, and you must wait until night.
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