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2020 new energy automobile charging pile market is expected to reach 124 billion yuan
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2014 is a special year in the history of new energy vehicles in my country. The sales of new energy vehicles in that year, from 176,642 out of the previous year to 74,763, the amount of leaps were realized.  
 It is also from 2014, my country has a comprehensive open pure electric car infrastructure construction market, and encourages social capital investment charging pile construction. Like today's charging pile leading business - Special electricity and stars charging, all private enterprises entering the industry that year.  
 In 2015, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Energy Bureau, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued the "Electric Automotive Charging Infrastructure Development Guide (2015-2020)\\  
 However, in the past few years, the actual charging pile construction is not optimistic. According to the data of China Charging Alliance, as of June 2019, the total number of charge infrastructure in the country was 1002,000, and the target of 2020 was 3.8 million.  

 Moreover, the construction of charging infrastructure is not improved to restrict the development of new energy vehicles, and it is still a deep-rooted cognition in people's hearts. If the construction of charging piles constitutes the development of new energy vehicles, what is the construction of charging piles?  
 my country's public charging pile has developed from 49,000 in 2015 to 299,000 in 2018. As of June 2019, it has reached 412,000. From the digital, you still remain continuously.  
 With the continuous improvement of the power battery technology, the new energy car's battery life has also gradually increased from the initial 200 kilometers and 300 kilometers, and now the life is 500 kilometers, and the car is not seen in the 600 kilometers. One of the objective results is that the new energy owner's daily use of the replenishment demand is reduced, especially the replenishment demand on public piles.  
 The charging pile can be divided into three types, in addition to the public charging piles facing the public, there are private home charging piles, as well as special charging piles such as taxi, bus, sanitation logistics vehicles.  
 Wang Li said that "It is very simple to do special piles. It is a car that will be a car. For example, it is certain that it can be profitable, but the amount is small. The private pile is a hammer sale, built the pile, can earn The money of a charging device, earning money not to operate, is not a long-term business. "  
 The charging service operator provides charging operation service for the society. Long-term perspective, the public charging pile operation business should be the main source of the income of the piles.  
 Wang Li said that the original idea is based on the Internet, first build charging piles to attract users, think that the value of the future users can reflect the value, but later discovering "Based on the entire development trend, it is too big to get the price of users \\  
 In this case, the pile enterprise is no longer vigorously investing in the construction of public piles, nor is it a rational choice.  
 Central enterprises such as National Grid, Putian, originally undertake a lot of construction tasks of charging pile infrastructure, knowing that losses are also investigated. However, Wang Li said that the assessment of state-owned enterprises is different for two years. Especially after mixing, there is also a profitable assessment, can't always be lost, "Every year, the funds are invested, the future pressure is very, we all are Adjust the entire idea. "  
 In contrast, private enterprises may have more financial stress, and investment will be more cautious.  
 Wang Li said that "the future is not very large." At the same time, he said that public charging piles are not complete, but began to optimize, such as "We are in public piles" The investment will not spread the net like it, and it may be built in some places that have a lot of demand. "  
 He also judged that in the future, if the public pile may have a scale of scale, it will still be mainly moving in the service city, and the highway is built, or there will be just need. In addition, in the long run, "New Energy Cars accounts for 30% to 40% in the total amount of automobiles, and then expand public construction piles, there may still be a big demand.  
 After the current rechargeable pile is returned, the industry adjustment direction is basically: the big charger operator is mainly based on the special pile business, and private charging piles are co-constructed by car enterprises and piles, and the public charging pile is shrinking.  
 A fact that a non-evading is that the atrophy of public piles will undoubtedly increase the pressure of profitability of piles.  
 Profit has been a dream of charging piles. At present, there seems to be only a public announcement of a profit in charging pile companies.  
 Telecommunications Chairman was published by Dexiang. Special electricity accumulated more than 5 billion yuan in 5 years, and the 4 years ago (including 300 million yuan in 2016, 2017 lost 200 million yuan).  
 According to the 2018 annual report released by Special Parent Corporation: Its charging operation income is 531 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 153%; sales of charging equipment sales and co-construction business income of 751 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 106%.  
 This means that the establishment of 5 years of special electricity finally has achieved profitability in 2018.  
 In April this year, Shao Danwei, Chairman of the Star Chark, said that the current star charger has achieved profit, but it is still a micro-profit. If the manufacturing industry is taken, charging operation is still a loss. In other words, the profit of the stars is mainly from the charging equipment. If you don't have a profit, you still have a profit.  
 According to the data of the China Charging Alliance, as of June 2019, the number of large operators' charging piles, special electricity is ranked first in the number of piles, the second is the national power grid (87846), the third is the stars charging (86166) indivual).  
 This is the statistical situation of public charging piles. The number of charging piles in the top three accounts for approximately 75%, and the oligarchic pattern has been formed.  
 Even if the subsidies of the government, the charging pile company will not be profitable to operate this piece of business.  
 "We didn't have the best in the past ten years. He is currently a loss." The life of the charging pile, seven years of indoor piles, outdoor piles for three or four years, etc. After five or six years later, then change one Batch piles, and the cost of the equipment is very high.  
 However, although the market profit margin is unknown, there is still a new charging pile company in these two years.  
 "Now there is a new company in turn, there is a big small. Like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Taiyuan, these cities, because the net approach is very fast, many private owners have a little money to build, build a station may Millions million, charging fee may be collected two years. "Shen Ming told the car business reviews.  
 In his opinion, there are several problems in the early investment site of these large piles.  
 The first is to build an operation platform, and the fixed team will spend money. The second is the early construction station, the equipment is old, and the options may be unreasonable, which will lead to the utilization. Large charging pile business, if you take out some sites to see the utilization rate may look nice, but some very bad or even a charging pile of the zero-usage is dragged down the company's overall profitability.  
 Moreover, new companies are often not building operators, but the Internet corporate style, will not be put into construction in large-scale investment, but the user operate.  
 Compared with the pile enterprises entering in 2014, the market environment of the entire charging pile industry has changed significantly.  
 First, as the shipments of charging equipment become bigger, the scale effect begins to appear, and now the construction cost of charging stations has been greatly reduced in previous years. According to Shen Ming's statement, "DC charging pile price, before, it is basically a large amount of money, now the average price should go to 5 to 6 hair per watt. Almost half of it is more than half, etc."  
 Second, with the growth of new energy vehicles, the utilization rate of charging piles also increases.  
 It is these changes to new entry opportunities. According to Shen Ming's statement, "From 2018 into this line, the basics of investing in the construction of the electricity station is all profitable, and the money is very small."  
 Related estimates, in 2020, my country's new energy vehicle charging pile direct market is expected to reach 124 billion yuan. Obviously, not all enterprises can wait until that day, one piece.
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