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Why is the community charging pile?
Now more and more people choose new energy vehicles. On the one hand, the country is vigorously developing, and there is a subsidy discount on the purchase price. Another aspect is to reduce environmental pollution, in line with the concept of green trave
Automotive charging pile is safe to pay attention to
The charging pile is similar to the gas station inside the gas station, which can be fixed to the ground or wall, mounted in public buildings (public buildings, shopping malls, public parking, etc.) and residential community parking or charging station, c
2020 new energy automobile charging pile market is expected to reach 124 billion yuan
2014 is a special year in the history of new energy vehicles in my country. The sales of new energy vehicles in that year, from 176,642 out of the previous year……
The car charging pile will be a Blue Sea National Network Hengda Charge Charge Pile
The problems encountered in the popularity of pure electric vehicles have been unresolved, and there is a short period of life, the charging is difficult, and the charging is slow. However, it is limited to battery technology development. It is difficult
The demand for new energy automobile charging piles is still growing
The National Energy Administration "China Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Promotion Alliance" released data showed that in the first half of this year, my country's charging pile has exceeded 1 million units, of which public chargin
Evergrande enters the charging pile construction market new energy industry is still accelerating development
At present, there is such a new energy industry in the domestic market to develop, and the strong policy is pushed. The real gold and silver discount brought by the limited number and subsidies is the main factor affecting consumers' purchase desire.
Pure electric vehicle growth is obviously charged the pile industry, many big tits
Due to the conversion of "National Five" to "National Six" emission standards, the rapid development of electric vehicles will drive, the top solving problem is the popularity of charging piles, and the news of the recent charging pile
All countries are accelerating the construction of automobile power charging piles
In order to shorten the total charging time, the charging facility company has also a great breakthrough in technology research and development. But the future marketization goals, the other end of the charging interface, maybe it is more important to pay
Automobile manufacturing companies have increased the construction of charging piles
In 2018, China's pure electric vehicle sales were 984,000, an increase of 50.8% over the same period of the previous year, and the sales of pure electric vehicles have been maintained for four consecutive years. In the first half of this year, my coun
How many automotive charging piles currently have? More than 100,000
On July 25, the National Energy Administration held a press conference in Beijing and disclosed data. As of the end of June 2019, China has built 1002,000 charging piles. At this point, China has built the world's largest electric vehicle charging fac
How many hours is household charging pile to be filled with an electric car?
Now the new energy car market is very hot, many people began to buy new energy vehicles, and many new energy owners start to choose home charging piles. The author has some new energy car owners to install home charging piles, so the author has a certain
The charging pile market continues to the new energy car subsidy policy
With the popularity of new energy technology, now more and more owners will choose to purchase new energy vehicles. But the new energy car will make the owners will encounter a relatively embarrassing problem while bringing the majority of car owners, and
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